1-day Prosci's Change Management Coaching Program for Managers & Supervisors

Khaled Almubarak
Khaled Almubarak

Managers and supervisors can be your biggest allies - or your biggest obstacles - in times of change. Employees look to them for direction, tone and support. How well have you prepared your managers and supervisors to lead change?

Prosci's 1-day program for managers and supervisors provides the foundation and tools your managers and supervisors need to lead their people through change

This one day change management workshop is designed for middle Managers & Supervisors to help them manage change effectively in their organizations. It covers the Best practices study, Psychology of Change, the ADKAR model and the three phases of the Change Management Process: Preparing for Change, Managing Change & Reinforcing Change. Participants receive all books, related report & handouts.

According to a Prosci research study with 4500 participants worldwide, managers and supervisors play very critical role in leading employees through change. Prosci’s Change Management Coaching Program focuses on the power of individual coaching, avoiding common manager mistakes, and techniques for managing resistance.

It ensures success of the change management project by focusing on the important role supervisors play in the organizations during change. The workshop provides theory, best practice findings and tools to help them fulfill their role completely, accurately and effectively.

  • To understand the change process and the underlying concepts of change management.
  • To increase ability to be effective leaders of change.
  • To become effective coaches for employees undergoing change.
  • Understand the importance of their role in making change successful for themselves and their employees.
  • Learn to use the ADKAR Model to coach individual employees through the change.
  • Take part in role plays and exercises to learn how to manage employee resistance.
  • Be able to coach employees through both radical and incremental change upon completion of the program.
  • Learn the critical connection between change management and business results.
  • Understand the role of effective sponsorship.
  • Strategically position the project for success
  • Understand the Process for Leading Change

This one-day program is perfect for middle managers and supervisors who are helping their employee’s transition through change.

  • Understanding the process for change
  • The Three States of Change
  • Defining Organizational and Individual Change
  • The Prosci ADKAR Model
  • Personal ADKAR worksheet
  • Process for Leading Change
  • Prosci’s CM Process for Managers and Supervisors
  • Group discussion of the changes underway in the organization
  • Change Management Research Results
  • Best Practices Exercise
  • Leading Change with Employees
  • Roles for leading change (communicator, advocate, coach, liaison, and resistance manager)
  • Understanding resistance
  • Resistance management
  • 10-steps for managing resistance
  • Reinforcing Change Checklist
  •  Next steps and action plans

Understanding changes underway and your role

  • Identify the changes impacting your group
  • Understand why these changes are being made
  • Identify how the changes will impact your team
  • Understand your role

Adapting to change that is happening to you

  • Identify your own areas of resistance 
  • Discuss your objections or concerns 
  • Make a personal choice to support and participate in the change

Developing competencies for managing change

  • Understand the concepts of change management 
  • Learn how to use the tools for managing change 
  • Develop action plans for working with your employees

Introducing change to your employees

  • Introduce change effectively to your group
  • Build Awareness of the need for change, including:
    • Why a change is needed
    • Current performance level
    • Objectives for this change
    • The nature of the change (high level only)

Managing employees through the transition

  • Develop individual change action plans for each employee
  • Use ADKAR as a tool for managing change with your team
    • As an assessment – creating ADKAR profiles for team members
    • As a guide for actions – how do I build Desire, Knowledge and Ability

Reinforcing and celebrating successes

  • Collect and analyze employee feedback
  • Conduct audits and measure performance
  • Reinforcing change with your team through:
    • Accountability systems
    • Root cause analysis and corrective actions
    • Celebrations, recognition and rewards
  • Manager’s Change Management Primer workbook ($50)
  • Change Management Best Practices benchmarking report ($400)
  • Change Management: the people side of change book ( $20)
  • ADKAR: a model for change in business and government book ($20)
  • Certificate and handouts ($40)
  • Shipping of material, customs & handling cost ($70)


That is worth US$ 600 

On-site training private session $ 800 per person for class size of 20 to 25 plus expenses (instructor accommodation, air ticket & meals & transportation)