1 day Prosci Improve project health program

Khaled Almubarak
Khaled Almubarak

1 day Prosci Improve Project Health Program

Step up your change management practice with advanced skills to improve your project results.

Work smarter for better project outcomes

Keeping desired outcomes in mind throughout the project lifecycle is important. But you’ll also achieve better project results when you have the right tools, resources and best-practices insights to support your practice. That’s where the Improve Project Health program can help.

This one-day, deep-dive program based on the Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model will equip you to:

  • Effectively engage with stakeholders and align on project success
  • Turn insights into action to improve project outcomes
  • Engage with your change management peers to share challenges and solutions
  • Use Prosci’s rich, data-driven tools and resources during and after the program
  • Elevate your practice and professional journey with new, advanced skills


Learn how to use critical thinking, peer insights, Prosci’s body of knowledge, and practical tools to analyze your project data and deliver better project outcomes for your organization.


Prosci 3-day Certification or Practitioner Program


Who should attend

The Improve Project Health program is ideal for practitioners interested in advancing their change management practices with new skills, particularly related to PCT Assessments. The program is designed for:

  • Both new and experienced practitioners who have completed Prosci's Change Management Certification or Practitioner Program
  • Both practitioners using Prosci’s recently enhanced methodology and those using Prosci’s legacy methodology


Learning Objectives

  • Explain the why, what, who, when and how of the PCT Model.


  • Prepare for a PCT Assessment by gaining commitment, identifying and inviting participants, and determining the appropriate approach.


  • Conduct a PCT Assessment by adapting resources for individual interviews, facilitated group sessions, or surveys.


  • Analyze and act on PCT Assessment results by using Prosci's body of knowledge and resources for sharing results.


  • Track and adapt actions to improve project health by conducting PCT Assessments over the lifecycle of the project to monitor progress in project health.




Workshop Agenda

Welcome and Connection

PCT Model Review

Applications of the PCT Model Research

PCT Assessment

PCT Assessment Application Process

Prepare for a PCT Assessment

Conduct a PCT Assessment

Analyze and Act on PCT Assessment Results

Track and Adapt Action to Improve Project Health

Next Steps and Close


Tools and Resources Included

  • One-year subscription to digital content, guidance and resources in the Prosci Hub Solution Suite, including:
    • Knowledge Hub – Applying the PCT Model
    • Research Hub – Access to over 20 years of best practices in change management research including the Applications of the PCT Model study
  • Digital program workbook downloadable from the Applying the PCT Model Knowledge Hub


The program fee

USD 900 + VAT per person

USD 800 + VAT per person Group discount

USD 600 + VAT per person for private session for 15 & more (does not include the venue nor the instructor travel expenses)